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Script to Post, Sensible Video Production

SINCE 2005

Training, Event Coverage, Location Scouting, Corporate Image,
Web Content, Sports, Travel, Motion Graphics.

The Show Reel

No time for amateurs and prima donnas

Everything you see here was done by a crew of one or two.  There are a lot of people who need video production for training, corporate presentations and small screen applications like digital signage and web apps, but they can't afford or don't need the big production companies. They do need more than the guy in shipping who has a phone-camera.  These are my people.

I have been producing radio, TV, and digital media all of my life. I am creative, intuitive, hands on, and my incredible life's experience puts me  way ahead of most writers and producers.


From scripting to post you get your video your way, with my help.


Grip and Go

Burro Creek Pictures brings the following to every shoot

  1. Talent and creativity
  2. Panasonic AF-100, HD Cam
  3. Panasonic HMC-70 HD Cam
  4. Nikon D-5500 HD SLRD Cam
  5. Go Pro Hero
  6. Other cams as needed
  7. 12 grip stands
  8. 12000-lumen lighting kit
  9. 8-Foot Jib boom
  10. 6-foot Manfrotto tripod with fluid head
  11. 180 square foot green screen (other drops also available)
  12. Shotgun Mic, 2 studio mics, 2 wireless mics
  13. H4n Zoom digital audio recorder
  14. 300 feet electrical cabling
  15. 100 feet audio cabling
  16. Mic boom
  17. ASUS 3.4 GHZ laptop computer with  Creative Cloud software


Michael A. Cox, Executive Producer



Burro Creek Pictures